Day 22 - Let’s take stock of where we are 3+ weeks into the challenge. This is about where people may be tempted to give in. (It is sure where I have given in in the past.) 

  • How is the challenge going for you so far? I think pretty well, overall! I sometimes get a day or two behind but it’s nice to have a place to check in, and it’s definitely kept me motivated!
  • What is going well that you want to continue? I love the idea of having these healthy habits that I can look forward to and really track my progress with. I’m definitely going to pick more than one for May !
  • What is not going well that you want to change? I need to be better about making sure I’m in charge of what I eat. This has been hard just because of Passover and there’s been a lot of travel and staying with family. 
  • What help do you need? So far, it’s been great knowing that there’s a whole community just a tag away in case I need anything. Knowing that others are also going through this challenge with me is motivation enough!
  • What help can you offer? I am always here to listen or give advice if I can. And, if anyone is still looking for an accountability buddy or just someone to talk to, I’m here !!!